Dfender is committed to developing innovative products that enable safer and more comfortable work environments such as Military Clothing, Anti Riot Suit, Bulletproof Helmet, Bulletfoot Vest, Military Shoes, etc.
Dfender is a company dedicated to life protection. The company will meet the best expectations of customers by doing to provide reliable products and services. And to making the world a safer place, we promise to continue to devote ourselves to various things contribution programs are carried out throughout the world.



Dfender is the largest producer of military clothing. These products are not only available for the Indonesian Military or Police, but are also exported to the Police and Army Forces of several countries.

Bulletproof Helmet

We produce bulletproof helmets. Our helmets can be made from aramide, UHMWPE or hybrid solutions. All of our helmets are manufactured according to standards and tested at our accredited testing laboratories.

Bulletproof Vest

We design our bulletproof vests according to customer specifications. Before offering it to our customers, we test and verify our vest protection solutions in our accredited testing laboratories in accordance with the specific threats listed in the level of international standard protection and document the results.

Anti Riot Suit

Our bulletproof vests can be used in conjunction with our additional ballistic protectors for body parts such as groin, shoulders, upper arms, legs, throat, waist and neck, etc.). We also offer fire resistant operators if needed by customers.


Dfender is the largest manufacturer in manufacturing military shoes with various models. This product is available for the Indonesian Military or Police, but is also exported to Police and Army Forces from several countries.


Dfender is an expert in making bags with various models, such as bags for anti-riot suits, military bags, police bags, and others. This product uses materials that are waterproof and suitable in all fields.


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